Video and Podcast: Tessa de Goede de Ordoñez

Guatemala: A little romance and a Spanish dance

Can learning Spanish and Salsa Dancing change your life? It did for Tess DeGoude De Ordonez! Join me for her story of passion, romance and a life changing decision to help children in Guatemala regain their dignity.

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About Tessa de Goede de Ordoñez

In 2002, Tess first discovered the beauty of Latin America. Not only because of its spectacular nature, but also because of the work she was doing as a volunteer. She began by caring for handicapped children in Peru and ended up as an English teacher in Ecuador. Eventually, she lost her heart to Guatemala. She perfected her Spanish and started working in a local public school and in the hospital with babies born with cleft lip and palate.

This paved the way for other projects and ideas and led to the foundation of Tess Unlimited. She has lived in Guatemala ever since, and is fortunate to be able to work with a fantastic team! Find more about Tess and her foundation at

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