Podcast: Bobette Riales

“Can’t keep adulting in a striped thong all day.”

Get the exclusive on the personality behind the beautiful face as French and Riales chat about their love of food, what it’s like to be a chef, crazy flights, how to navigate when traveling abroad, and more!

About Bobette Riales

BOBETTE RIALES, International Super Model and Actress, was always fascinated towards the glamour world and started her career as a model when she was in high school. In 2000, she won the Supermodel of the World Search contest. The same year, she earned a contract with Ford Models, a modeling agency company. She started her acting career with the short film Moving In (2017).

“I’m not as interesting as the tabloids say and I don’t have nearly as much of a night life as the say either, which really pisses me off. I’m fighting in many ways in many places right now. And for many people by the thousands I don’t even know. But for truth and justice and using my strength and my voice on a platform not many have access to. So all the fame and all the flashing lights and bullshit is all grand, I’ll never complain. But I’ll also never lose sight of what’s really important. And traveling all over the world more than half my life exposes you to things that impact you forever. Good and bad. Keep it classy and kick ass!!”

—Bobette Riales

Church of Scientology

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