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Nancy Gibbons Addison

NANCY ADDISON, nutritionist, health consultant, #1 best-selling international award-winning author, radio show host, and lecturer shatters the stereotype about healthy eating. Her delightful celebration of healthy food and her passion for sharing her wealth of knowledge is entertaining, enlightening and oftentimes, life changing. Her books were written after years of research to find a cure for her own health problems. Frustrated with conventional medicine, she embarked on a long course of study into many different healing concepts, including ancient Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, macrobiotics, Mediterranean cuisine, natural hygiene, raw foods, detoxification, and supplement therapy. Incorporating the most beneficial components of each concept into her own system of health and healing, her personal doctor encouraged her, and her personal success inspired her to share it with others. In her presentations, counseling, radio shows and books, Nancy cuts through the myths and misinformation about health and nutrition. She shares her favorite healthful tips for living the healthiest life possible. She believes living healthy is easier than you may think, and also that you can prepare healthy foods and drinks that are both nutritious and delicious. Find more about Addison at https://organichealthylife.com.

Select Publications

  • Number-One Best-Selling Author of  Diabetes and Your Diet, Awarded Winner for Best Health Book of the Year in the International Book Awards 2017-2018. Two-Time-Winner for Best Diet And Nutrition Book of the Year, and Best Health Book of the Year 2018-2019 by the Beverly Hills Book Awards.
  • Number-One BestSelling Author of Raising Healthy Children, Awarded Winner in the Mom’s Choice Award For Excellence and Two-Time Winner, Best Parenting Book of the Year and Best Family Book of the Year in the International Book Awards 2017-2018.
  • Best Seller – Second Edition of How To Be A Healthy Vegetarian, Awarded 6 book awards! Winner for Best Health And Wellness Book of the Year 2018, by the Green Book Awards, San Francisco, Two-Time-Winner for Best Diet And Nutrition Book of the Year, and Best Health Book of the Year 2017-2018, by the Beverly Hills Book Awards, and Winner for Best Specialty Cookbook of the Year 2017-2018, by the Book Excellence Awards.

Video and Podcast: Mind Body Spirit: The Trinity of a healthy immune system premiers Sunday, April 5th @ 10am ET.

EJ Snyder

Extreme Survivalist, Adventurer, and Retired Army Combat Vet

EJ SNYDER from the Discovery Channel series Naked and Afraid and Dual Survival is an Extreme Survivalist, Adventurer, and Retired Army Combat Vet. He is an expert in leadership, tracking, trapping, building shelter and equipment, primitive weapons, navigation, security, self-reliance, and self-defense.

Snyder is highly decorated Army Combat Veteran with 25 years military service under his belt, serving Ranger positions in Infantry and Airborne units. He joined the armed forces at 19. He moved up the ranks quickly, seeing combat in both the Gulf War in 1991 and a 15-month tour during Operation Iraqi Freedom 2 in 2004 to 2005. EJ earned two Bronze Star Medals, the Legion of Merit, the Order of St. Maurice (Centurion), and over 40 other Medals and decorations while serving the Nation. During his time in the Army, EJ attended a vast number of schools highly increasing his diverse set of skills, deployed on training and missions all over the world, and received many accolades throughout his career. He stepped up as a Ranger Instructor, Survival & Tracking Instructor, and Drill Sergeant, EJ was a renowned athlete and fighter during his time, earning the nickname “Skullcrusher.”  EJ retired at the Rank of Sergeant Major/E-9. Get more info on Snyder at ejsnyder.com.

Video and Podcast: Naked But Hardly Afraid: Survivalist EJ Snyder’s advice for surviving COVID-19

Janesha Levons

International Model and Actress

JANESHA LEVONS was born into a military family. Her father served in the US Navy and until her early 20s, she moved every three years across the US and Antigua. Being a “Military Brat” instilled a love of travel as well as a love of change. Due to that constant change, she was home schooled. However, when her family settled in Saratoga Springs, New York she had her first school experience and attended a private Christian school, The Kings School, known for the arts. This new venture in her life began her love for entertaining and she launched her career as a model. She has modeled in London, Italy and, of course, New York for designers from all over the world. While living in London, she was featured in the Adidas commercial for the Last World Cup and a crime reenactment show made for television with October Films. Her latest venture is taking on the challenge of being a new mom and continuing to pursue her passions. She now lives in the US where her friends and family help raise and support her son. This gave her the inspiration for her latest endeavor; a fitness, health, and wellness company. Their focus is to encourage women and moms to get fit and healthy along with establishing friendships to support and uplift each other. Levons and her best friend, a Zumba instructor and her personal trainer, both document their journey for health and wellness and continue their mission to encourage and support all those who are on their own journey to better health and wellness.

My first runway show was for a benefit in Saratoga. I had never walked a runway before but the girls, even the veteran models, said, “Just get mad and stomp.” And that’s how my signature walk began. As a new mother, it’s not easy to step in front of a camera with my new mom body, but that’s the driving force behind my latest project.

Janesha Levons

Video and Podcast: Janesha Levons “Just get mad and stomp!

Dr. Kris Mohandie

Clinical, Police, and Forensic Psychologist

DR. KRIS MOHANDIE Ph.D. ABPP has twenty-five years of experience in the assessment and management of violent behavior. He has consulted in field responses and case investigations for local, state, and federal law enforcement organizations including LAPD’s Threat Management Unit, SWAT/Crisis Negotiation Team, and the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Program. He responded on-scene to the O.J. Simpson barricade and the North Hollywood Bank Robbery Shootout. Dr. Mohandie has consulted to, and testified in numerous extreme violence and homicide cases, including mass and serial homicide cases. He has has conducted extensive trial pending and prison interviews of violent offenders, including a number of stalkers, hostage takers, workplace and school violence perpetrators, serial, and multiple murderers. Dr. Mohandie’s work has been featured in the Los Angeles Times, USA Today, E!, and he has appeared in the news programs of CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, BBC, and Fox, as well as programs on Investigative Discovery, A&E, History, and the Discovery Channel. He was the host and a producer on the Investigative Discovery show, Most Evil. He regularly consults on matters of risk and threat management to the private and public sector, including the entertainment industry of the world’s most interesting people.

Video and Podcast: COVID-19: This too Shall Pass

Todd Ryan Barber

Reef Ball Foundation

TODD BARBER founded the Reef Ball Foundation with a mission statement to help save our world’s aquatic ecosystems, particularly our endangered coral reefs. Barber is celebrating the 27th anniversary of the Reef Ball Foundation this year and his foundation has placed well over 1/2 million Reef Balls™ and conducted over 6,000 projects in 62+ countries with a global reach of 70+ countries. Their projects include designed artificial reefs, ground-breaking coral propagation and planting systems, estuary restoration, red mangrove plantings, oyster reef restoration, erosion control, and expert collaboration on a variety of oceanic issues. They work with governments, other NGOs, businesses, schools, research institutes, private individuals and community organizations and emphasize education on preserving and protecting our natural reefs. During his travels to 60+ countries in pursuit of his mission, Barber has met some of the world’s most interesting people and it has been the experience of his lifetime.

Podcast: Todd Barber: Restoring our oceans one Reef Ball at a time. Coming March 26th @ 10a EDT.

Wes Henderson

Angel’s Envy Co-founder
& Chief Innovation Officer

Angel’s Envy exists today because of WES HENDERSON’S vision and determination. He recognized that several of Lincoln Henderson’s never-fully-realized projects might form the foundation for a lasting family business. By convincing his father to come out of retirement, and then working with him to create groundbreaking whiskeys using secondary barrel finishing techniques, they have been at the forefront of innovation in the industry. Working alongside his father, together they ensured that Angel’s Envy’s whiskeys would be of the highest quality. Since Lincoln’s passing in 2013, Wes has continued the Henderson legacy of craftsmanship and innovation.

Prior to Co-Founding Louisville Distilling Company with Lincoln, Wes served as CEO for Master Distiller Select LLC, acting as a consultant in the distilled spirits industry. Before that, he was the President and CEO of Conecuh Ridge Distillery, the producer of Clyde Mays Whiskey. He studied Aeronautics at the Florida Institute of Technology, and is a certified pilot. Wes is also a State Certified Firefighter, serving his community as a volunteer firefighter, and a board member for various community organizations.

Podcast: Coming Soon!

Justin Fornal

Explorer, Author, Extreme Athlete

JUSTIN FORNAL is an international explorer and cultural detective. In June of 2018 Fornal was listed as the #3 most adventurous person in the world right now’ by Men’s Journal. He is the host of Unexplained and Unexplored an exploration series that solves mysteries using both ancient maps and cutting-edge technology airing on the Science Channel. He is a SATWF Lowell Thomas Award winning writer who has written extensively for National Geographic, VICE, The Explorers Journal, Parts Unknown, and Roads & Kingdoms. In 2016 he tracked down the lost skull of African American slave rebellion leader Nat Turner and repatriated it to the Turner descendants. The relic had been missing since 1831. Fornal is co-founder of HASAN, the History, Arts and Science Action Network. This non-profit of interdisciplinary scholars focus on historical injustices, relic repatriation and education.

Podcast: Coming Soon!

Brian Duffy

Celebrity Chef

As a chef, BRIAN DUFFY tours the United States, occasionally riding his Harley Davidson, helping and revamping struggling bars and restaurants along the way. Kicking off his television career on the Food Network series Date Plate, Duffy has also been featured on the DIY Network, HGTV, NBC, and Fine Living Network. He has served as a judge on the Food Network series Beat Bobby Flay and has appeared on The Today Show since 2006 for the St. Patrick’s Day Irish cook-off.

Podcast: Brian Duffy: Duff gets Frenchiffied Coming Soon!

Mykel Hawke

Combat Veteran, Actor, Author

CAPTAIN MYKEL HAWKE retired in 2011 from the US Army after serving 12 year active duty and another 12+ years in the Reserves and Guard. His last assignment was U.S. Army Special Forces Command at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Hawke is perhaps best known for the television programs he created on Discovery Channel called Man, Woman, Wild and One Man Army. He left Discovery to work on two new programs: Lost Survivors for Travel Channel and Elite Tactical Unit for Outdoor Channel. He was also featured in the History Channel’s Frontiersmen, on ABC’s The Bachelor.

Hawke is married to U.K. TV Presenter, Ruth England, with one son, and has two adult sons from a previous marriage and a grandson and granddaughter.

Podcast: Coming in April!

Bobette Riales

International Super Model

BOBETTE RIALES was always fascinated towards the glamour world and started her career as a model when she was in high school. In 2000, she won the ‘Supermodel of the World Search’ contest. The same year, she earned a contract with Ford Models, a modeling agency company. She started her acting career with the short film Moving In (2017).

“I’m not as interesting as the tabloids say and I don’t have nearly as much of a night life as the say either, which really pisses me off. I’m fighting in many ways in many places right now. And for many people by the thousands I don’t even know. But for truth and justice and using my strength and my voice on a platform not many have access to. So all the fame and all the flashing lights and bullshit is all grand, I’ll never complain. But I’ll also never lose sight of what’s really important. And traveling all over the world more than half my life exposes you to things that impact you forever. Good and bad. Keep it classy and kick ass!!”

—Bobette Riales

Podcast: “Can’t keep adulting in a striped thong all day”

Wayne Gates

Goddamnit, that’s twice!”

WAYNE GATES (who spilled coffee on the air boss in the movie Top Gun) currently works as the Managing Editor of three newspapers near Cincinnati Ohio. He has worked as a journalist since 1980 and has spent a number of years in print, radio and television news. He is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Communication with the intent of teaching at the college level. Podcast: Terry and Gates discuss how Hollywood and the real US Navy joined forces in the 1980’s to film Top Gun and chat about their adventures in the Navy and on the set of the movie as Extreme Passport salutes our military.

Podcast: Top Gun: “Goddamn it, that’s twice!”

Vijay India Tours

Vijayvikrham Singh

Vijay India Tours is locally owned and operated. From the moment you land, they’ll be there to greet you. They handle all transportation and lodging and will put you at ease as they show you their incredible country under their supervision and guidance. You’ll get insight into various aspects of life in India including lifestyle, festivals, and the amazing architecture and history of some of India’s best-known monuments, forts, and palaces. Helping you to explore their beautiful land and making it a safe and accessible tour of India is their primary concern.

Podcast: Jaipur: The pink city of welcoming hospitality

Amandus Adventures

John Mtatifikolo

Amandus Adventures is locally owned and operated at Kilimanjaro in Moshi, Tanzania. They have built a unique reputation by organizing Trekking Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Meru trekking, wildlife safaris, Zanzibar Beach Holidays, cultural tours and day trips. Their guides are local Tanzanians who speak fluent English, German and Swahili. They are skilled, knowledgeable and well-trained about treks, safaris, and the people, which they will share with you throughout your adventures in Tanzania.

Podcast: John Mtatifikolo: Jumping on the rooftop of Africa!

Miller’s Guest House

Winston Pereira

Miller’s is a family ran guest house with an onsite restaurant and bar overlooking picturesque Buccoo Bay. Their goal is not only to make you feel comfortable but to exceed your expectations. They have been welcoming visitors from near and far since the 1950s as the very first ever guest house in Buccoo. Allow them to serve as your base in beautiful Tobago.

Podcast: Buccoo Reef: Discover the hidden paradise the world has yet to discover

Tess Unlimited

Tessa de Goede de Ordoñez

In 2002, Tess first discovered the beauty of Latin America. Not only because of its spectacular nature, but also because of the work she was doing as a volunteer. She began by caring for handicapped children in Peru and ended up as an English teacher in Ecuador. Eventually, she lost her heart to Guatemala. She perfected her Spanish and started working in a local public school and in the hospital with babies born with cleft lip and palate.

This paved the way for other projects and ideas and led to the foundation of Tess Unlimited. She has lived in Guatemala ever since, and is fortunate to be able to work with a fantastic team!

Podcast: Guatemala: A little romance and a Spanish dance